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It all started when…

I now had time to write - something i always wanted to do. I loved to travel, especially to france and had written a few thoughts down about our experiences over the years. I knew we had embraced France and had some truly wonderful and interesting times and i now wished to enjoy the writing and share these times.

The writing came easily aT first but then you have to edit and start to plan how to publish. this is where i needed help before progressing - time to get it as good as i could possibly write.

jericho writers were the perfect help - so many video courses with notes and masterclasses on video. Particularly with regards to self publishing they have started to teach me that it is possible and this website is proof of that. i was quickly able to get some material out there on Prolific works https://www.prolificworks.com/book/65866

and start to plan a full book release on amazon.

i am confident i can do this and hope that you will enjoy my writings. if you are starting out to write then jericho writers is a great place to get some extremely useful advice. thank you stephanie for your help so far via e-mail.

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