Our Amazing French Travels Provence - Paris -Languedoc - Wine Touring….

Before, During and After Long Lunches (with wine)

How a French Cafe Changed Our Lives -

Memoirs of French Travel & Long Lunches

What is my book series about? 

There have been so many books about buying and renovating a run-down property in France. A good number of books are written about buying a vineyard or an olive grove. Then there are more books about touring France in 2CV or a horse and cart or even on foot. Or books just about living in an ex-pat community.

What is it like to briefly cross the channel and experience France and its people but sadly having to return to your ‘normal’ working life back home in England. Can you grow to love France and still feel immersed in its culture by taking fleeting visits for a couple of weeks, a few days or even a weekend?

I want to show you that you can and inspire you to visit this wonderful country.

This series of books are not designed to be guidebooks but if you want to find my footsteps then you are very welcome. They go in a wonderful direction.

I hope though, that you will discover your own amazing places and people and this book tells of the very beginnings of our love affair with French travel.

It has been a remarkable ride for a reluctant traveler.

I have had great help by being a member of Jericho Writers - if you are looking to start writing then check out their website for great content :


This is selection of highlights from my forthcoming releases and also included is some materiel that is exclusive to this book only. I am certain you will enjoy these varied experiences and want to come on the entire journey.

My first two books are now on Amazon and are FREE on Kindle Unlimited and also available in Print.  Please stay with me.

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Neal        Somerset    2019