French Travel writer Choosing a Book Title - How hard can it be?

One thing I have spent hours over and sought plenty of advice on is what to call my book. I have two books on Amazon but naming them was torturous and even now I am not sure I am content. My current work is about times in Paris over many years and Paris travel is so familiar that I thought writing it would be straightforward. It is not and I think that familiarity and how much Paris means to me is causing the problem but I will get there. One thing on this book that has turned out to be easy is the title and for that I have to thank my granddaughter Ronelle.

For me writing this Paris travel book in this particular year has special meaning. Earlier this year we lost the dearest of friends, one who we traveled with often and had so many wonderful times in Paris. June was the organize, the glue that held our party together and the most generous of souls. We loved her so much. Ronelle knew this even though she was only six years old so she drew the attached picture for us. She had picked up that Paris was our special place and she themed her beautiful tribute on the city. I am second from the right and curly haired June is fourth. It is a picture of pure joy and of course hope.

The title is hers - A DREAM OF PARIS - how simple and concise and how so very appropriate and perfect. So even though the book is to be finished I surely have my title.

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