Ancestry & Genealogy - Editing my WDYTYA writing


Having a break from writing my book on Paris today to carry on editing my story about our family history, a story told from a Military perspective. The scenes are set in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Cornwall, Ireland, South Africa, Spain and more.


This I have found to be more difficult to write than my travel stories particularly with regards to sequencing the flow of the characters involved and also deciding in which tense to write. I have chosen present tense which I know is not everyone’s favorite but I felt comfortable with it and I feel it works but I think I need others to confirm that really. It has also been difficult to decide what to leave out as it is the culmination of about 10 years of research and the problem with your own family history is that you find all of it interesting but for a book like this it has to contribute to the story and in this case the final punch line. I used ANCESTRY and FIND MY PAST websites as an initial basis but the story has taken me to many places and resources and I am sure my wife has no desire to set foot in any more graveyards. I genuinely feel it is a far better and more fascinating story than most Who Do You Think You are episodes but for me it has just been important to get it all down in writing so these people are remembered and hopefully others will also enjoy it. One difficulty in writing a memoir such as this is that the story is constantly evolving, you think you have all the detail and then some more reference changes that detail and you have to rethink the sequence or even leave something out than is no longer the relevant ‘fact’ you thought it was. Writing about travel is really a fixed project, you have done the trip and that cannot change, your ancestry is waiting to be discovered and new facts unearthed. If you are looking at your family history I do recommend writing it down as a story, it adds to the enjoyment but it also can link the family history together in a way that just a family tree with some detail cannot. I hope to have this released in the Autumn but it will depend on what else I may find or maybe I will just have to write volume 2.

I have put the first chapters on PROLIFIC WORKS as a FREE download and I do hope you enjoy them

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