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Due to my circumstances of sort of retiring from work and moving to the other end of the country my only visit to France has been to Paris in the last two years. As I am mainly writing in what is a fairly narrow genre of French travel I have needed to keep my motivation strong. I find that visiting France is without doubt the best way to motivate me to write but for now I have to use other options.

When traveling in France my love of photography has me taking hundreds of photographs and for me these are an invaluable way of motivating my writing. I do little writing on my actual travels so the photos are a great way for me to sequence and recall trips to France.

I have a great love of reading and a fairly quick reader. Obviously I try to read about France and especially Paris as much as I can and this is an excellent motivator to me. However reading in general, and to be honest I read almost exclusively non-fiction, gives me a lot of writing inspiration. Coming across a book that I didn’t really enjoy because of the style of writing is funnily enough also of value. It refines the way you try to put your writing across but having said that I personally am never completely happy but if I can reach a point where I feel it is the best I can do then I leave it there. By reading a lot you do pick up a lot of tips and it does affect your style and should do for the better. Others will have to be my judge on that one.

In the French travel genre I am most writing in I find that specific blogs from other people of of great benefit and inspiration. Insights on familiar regions are very helpful as are reading a brief story about a new area in France. Two blogs I have enjoyed this summer and will recommend are:


Keith Van Sickle

It is not a case of taking ideas but these type of Blog post just set your mind in the right direction. Hope you enjoy my blog posts and seek out some more.

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