My Family In War - and other love stories - Ancestry and Genealogy

This week I have finished my writing about our family genealogy using the military exploits of certain characters an the ancestry as a theme. The thread through the line leads to some remarkable coincidences and a wonderful twist at the end of the story. Around all of that are some amazing situations that developed in the family over the last 200 years and they add colour to the overall theme of the book.

What is difficult to get your head around when writing such detail is that you realize that your own existence really does hang by a thread and a very fine one at that. Particularly in the case of my wife it is difficult to believe when you look back over all that has occurred in the family line that she was ever born. The times when the line could and really should have ended or taken a different course are so numerous that you really have to be thankful that events somehow just about stayed on course for us to be her. And of course you get quite philosophical!

Now I have to do some self editing and look at the structure of the book. I have written it mainly in present tense and I feel that puts you right there in the story but again that also needs to be considered before I publish.

So if you want a story that is better than an Who Do You Think You Are then please download the first few chapters @

You will enjoy this remarkable trip through time. I hope you can find inspiration to look at your family line.


Our Amazing Military Family Line

Please Download the first chapters