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It has been a productive week. I have some writings on Prolific Works https://www.prolificworks.com/book/65866

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St Sampson's Church, Golant, Cornwall

Part of a long journey of discovery

and organised some support and have kept on track for a release of a full book in April. Although the social media side will probably not bear a lot of fruit as regards downloads I have kept my name out there. Most of all this week I wanted to carry on writing and have gone in a totally new direction from travel writing. Over the past 10 years I have done a large amount of work on our family tree and found that it is genuinely far more interesting than most WDYTYA on TV. I have started work on putting the story down and doing it from a military perspective, building the story around the characters that served in the army from Napoleonic times up to WW!!. The story surrounding them and how the lines converge is fascinating and remarkable and I hope to capture all the drama of real lives in almost hard to believe circumstances. How do we come to be born - the odds are stacked against us when you study the family tree. This writing is difficult though - do I stay factual with a bit of creativity or go the whole hog and be totally creative. A bit of both at the moment and then I will get advice - my friends at Jericho Writers for editing - www.jerichowriters.com

The other difference from travel writing is the pace is slower. Every time I start on a character or situation there is more information that comes to light on line and I have to adjust, change or embellish the story. It is fun but this will take some time and I fear a large rewrite at the end anyway.

We shall see.

Anyhow it is snowing today so I can get writing - back to work

Neal SOMERSET Feb 1st 2019