Discovering Bristol and My Writing Week

It has been a busy but enjoyable week. For the first time I was able to explore Bristol and discover what an interesting place that is. I had been to bristol just ones before - to see emmylou harris at the colson hall and had a great evening in the old venue with some good bonus music in the foyer.

today i had taken a friend for treatment at the hospital in the city so had about three hours to kill - a good long stroll was in order. first of all i made my way to the old st nicholas market area and explored that. finding a south africa food store it was a good excuse to try to buy some products for my sa son-in-law - i needed help.

it was a fair walk to the prince street bridge and across to the other side of the harbour - my objective of course was the ss great britain. the harbourside is worth taking slowly and not just because of the ice on the ground on a clear winters morning. Lots of interest - art - museum - the railway sidings with restored rolling stock and of course many photo opportunities looking both ways down and across the harbour.

the ss great britain is difficult to view from this side of the harbour and this of course encourages paid admission which unfortunately today i had not enough time to do. I did manage to squeeze a few photos from the rear and was happy with this - it is a most spectacular sight. the old reproduced posters on the walls around give a sense of the excitement that must have surrounded a departure to far away undreamed of destinations.

retracing my steps past the multitude of tempting restaurants and cafes around waterfront and millennium squares i headed back towards the old market and the wonderful aromas from the many street food traders. just beyond is the church of st peter bombed in wwii and left as a ruin, set within castle square gardens - a very pleasant, peaceful place to sit for awhile. currently undergoing a restoration the gardens will no doubt be teeming with workers on their lunch breaks in spring and summer.

i will be back - probably on the park and ride - it has to be easier than finding a parking space in this bustling city.

i have spent time trying to get ready for releasing my first full book in April and building a following and hope you can join me.

i enjoy the writing IMMENSELY - building up an audience is not quite as easy and it will be a slow process as i expected. still it require hard work and PERSISTENCE and i will get there. I have also started a new writing project so keeping busy - that i will talk about in the next blog.