Neal's French Travel Writing - Paris, Provence, Food and Wine

This is fun.I have always wanted to write about our experiences in France from being a very reluctant traveler who always took his holidays in England. the rain forced us to France and Catalonia and we never looked back. Oh, well we never looked back after the most disastrous start to our French travels. That was easy to write about because it is still fresh in my memory. We found redemption in a lovely cafe in Perpignan and our adventures really started there and I still say thank you.

I have retired now (sort of) and life is even busier but I can find time to write, something I have always wanted to do. Fortunately I have lots of photos of our travels, some scribbled writings and a reasonably good memory. I never throw anything travel related away so I still have all the booking forms, restaurant bills etc.. - I know where I have been. We toured for wine and my 16 case capacity car boot was always filled from our vineyard visits. Our friends were always pleased when we returned.

I am busy editing and will publish in early spring. Please follow my blog and I now have a FREE DOWNLOAD of sample writings. Some great stories of Places and people and experiences.

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Neal Atherton